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Parts Super Center has amassed the technical expertise, original documentation, tooling and strategic alliances which supports the General Electric base of products. With our expertise acquired over 25 years of work in the power distribution and control markets, we are highly qualified to assist you with identifying a wide range of GE and other Genuine OEM renewal parts to help your operations remain efficient and profitable. Whether you need parts, life extension kits, or complete transformers and breakers, PSC is here to provide cost effective solutions. PSC has made it our business to bring innovative solutions to make others more profitable. That's the power of partnering with a market leader.

GE AK, AKR, WavePro and PowerVac Breakers Full Image

Parts Super Center is your source for GE AK, AKR, WavePro and PowerVac breakers replacement parts . . . Contact one of our experts for answers to all your questions.

Sixnet Industrial Networking Solutions Full Image

The Parts Super Center is your source for a wide array of Sixnet industrial automation and connectivity solutions.

Former B&B Customers click here to find out more about PSC and how we can support your need for Sixnet products.

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Magneblast Remote Racking Full Image

Arc flash safety is a major concern and our Remote Racking Mechanism for GE Magneblast Circuit Breakers allow you to raise and lower the breaker from a safe, remote position, with the breaker cubicle door closed.

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Our Remote Racking System is Designed to FIT your GE Switchgear . . .

Maintenance Cart for PowerVac Breakers Full Image

Designed from the ground up, the New Trunion Cart (Part # PSCTRUNIONCART), has been built with the maintenance professional in mind.

GE EntelliGuard® TU Trip Unit Full Image

Upgrade your existing equipment . . . Arc flash protection and selectivity at the same time

Our Conversion Kits include everything you need to upgrade your existing GE AK, AKR, Westinghouse, ITE, Allis Chalmers circuit breakers with the latest technology. Click here for more info